Hi Stingrays,

Here is everything you need to know in the upcoming week!

June Practice Schedule

Just a reminder we are now following our June practice schedules! Please be aware some of the times have shifted from the May schedule. Little Stingrays will have their first practice on Monday June 4th.

Masters this is a reminder that your schedule switches to Mondays and Fridays for this month. There will not be practice tonight, your first Friday practice will be next Friday, June 8th!

Meet Sign Ups

The sign up for our very own meet, the Super 7, closes tonight at 9:00pm! Make sure to sign up to take part in the meet where you are guaranteed to have the most fun this season! You can access the sign up form here.

Note: Many clubs in our region have decided to forego deck entries for the season as we are switching over to a new system.  So to ensure your child has the chance to swim in a meet they are wanting to attend please complete the sign up forms on our website! They can be accessed here

Bingo Night

Our first House Cup challenge of the summer is fast approaching! There are some awesome prizes to be won and a lot of fun to be had. It will be taking place on Wednesday, June 13th at 6:30pm at Memorial Park. There will be more details released in the following week.

Volunteer Coaches

This is a reminder that you are now following the June schedule sent to you by Coach Holly! Make sure to have a look over it as some of your shifts may have changed depending on availability. And a reminder that your July and August availability will be due Thursday June 21st.


This is just a friendly reminder to refrain from talking to your child through the fence while they are in practice. This can be very distracting to the coaches as well as the other swimmers participating in practice! If you would like to speak with your child let their coach know and they will have them hop out of the pool to come speak with you.