Hi Stingrays,

Here is what you need to know for the upcoming week!

Meet Sign Ups

There are a few sign ups coming to a close in the next few weeks! The sign up for the WRASA Development Meet will be closing on Wednesday June 13th at 9:00pm. You can access the sign up here.

Our very own Super 7 is fast approaching! Tentative Entries will be  sent out to the club this evening, if you notice anything that needs to be changed please email Coach Alexa with the subjective line Super 7 Entry Changes no later than Tuesday, June 12th at 5:00pm. If you have not yet signed up and would like to partake in the meet please send Coach Alexa an email with the subjective line Super 7 Late Entry no  later than June 12th at 5:00pm. Relays will be released closer to June 23-24!  

Please use the subject line I have outlined above when emailing me! I have to sift through 50+ emails a week to find yours, so it is easier for me if I have one subject line to search for and it ensures I will not miss your email!


Our Annual Bingo Night will be held next Wednesday, June 13! We will be hosting the event in Memorial Park starting at 6:30 pm and finishing up around 8:00 pm. There are some awesome prizes this year including gift cards, chocolate and a portable speaker! Don’t forget this is our first House Cup Challenge and you can earn points for your house through participating. Senior swimmers will be released from practice early to change and head over to the park.

Little Stingray Parents

A reminder that no parents are allowed on deck past the big shed by the entry gate! Parents are not covered by our BCSSA insurance, thus this rule. If your child needs to use the washroom or change into their swim suit prior to practice, please use the washrooms located in the community centre adjacent to the pool!

We will be walking your child to the gate after their practice is over and will wait with them until they are picked up at the gate! If you are unable to pick up your child after practice, please make other arrangements, and inform your child’s coach so they know who to release your child to!