Weekly Update July 26th!

Hi Stingrays, 

Here is everything you need to know for next week! 

TEAM Practice

Tonight is our Stingray‚Äôs Yule Ball. This is a team practice to cap off the end of our Tri-Wizard tournament! And to celebrate we will be enjoying some delicious Butter Beer. But be wary of Lord Voldemort on this day, as he does not take lightly to large groups of witches and wizards gathering together final team practice of the season! 

Practice will be from 4:30-6:00 pm and all regular program Stingrays are encouraged to come out and participate. 

Little Stingrays will be swimming during their regularly scheduled practice time (3:45-4:45) and hoping out a few minutes early to join in with learning a new cheer. 

Little Stingrays are welcome to come back at 6:00 pm to join our potluck at the LOP!

Regionals Meet Entries

Please find our tentative entries for next weekend attached to the weekly update email! Please keep in mind our club policy regarding Regionals, in particular, Regional Relays, which you may view here. Your coaches have spent many hours over the past week determining rankings and placements for potential swimmers, so please take this into consideration when viewing your entries for next weekend. Any questions or concerns that may arise regarding your child’s selected events are to be directed to your child’s coach.

A reminder there are NO PRACTICES taking place on Friday, August 2nd, as your coaching staff will be at the Regionals meet!

Watermania Practices

For those swimmers attending Regionals next weekend, we have booked practice time at Watermania on Wednesday, July 31st! Please note, this practice is optional, and you do not have to attend if you are unable to. Regular practices will be taking place at the LOP as scheduled, however, please only come to either LOP or Watermania if you have the option of attending either practice!


Session 1 – 6:45-8:00 pm: Starfish, Seals, Sea Monkeys, and Seahorses

Session 2 – 7:45-9:00 pm: Seniors and Jellyfish

Stingrays Awards Night & Potluck

Will be taking place on Wednesday, August 7th at Memorial Park, beginning at 6:00 pm! There will be a Google Doc released in the coming week to sign-up for the Potluck.

Mark Your Calendars

As a wrap-up for this season, we will be visiting Cultus Lake Waterpark the evening of  August 9th! Please click here to let us know if you are attending as well as to help in organizing carpools out to the park. 

Final Practices & Holidays

Here are the dates for the final practices of the season for our non-Provincial Qualifier swimmers:

Little Stingrays: Wednesday, August 7th

Regular Program Stingrays: Thursday, August 8th

Masters: Monday, August 12th

Additionally, a reminder there are no practices taking place on BC Day, August 5th – enjoy the evening off!