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Stories of how being a part of swim club enhances our children’s lives…

Middle Child Not Drawn to Traditional Team Sports

My middle child has never really found a traditional “team sport” that she truly loves. She has always been my more quiet and sensitive child…until now. Swimming has not only brought out the natural competitive drive in her (which has given her a huge confidence boost!), but has also created many new friendships with kids in other schools. These friendships have allowed her to move forward with a new determination into other sports within our community (and thrive!) knowing that her swim friends will be there. She is physically stronger, emotionally more confident, and best of all proud to belong to the Ladner Stingrays Swim Club. I consider this an essential part of her growth as a person, and implore you to find a way to get more kids in the pools this summer so that they too can experience this positive growth. Yay swim club!!!

Build Strength and Safety Skills

Our kids have always had a frightening amount of confidence near water. Over-confidence, in fact. Summer Swim Club is absolutely essential to the health and safety of our children. No only are they in the pool learning to swim every day, they are also building strength to support their newly learned skills. Standard swim lessons will certainly teach technique, but will absolutely not give strength. I know with confidence that if my youngest child was to fall in the water accidentally, she would be not only able, but STRONG enough to get herself to a place to climb out. South Delta needs more pools to teach kids about safety, and to encourage fresh air, outside summer activity that will not only build up physical strength, but also social and emotional growth and maturity in our kids.

Excellent Work Ethic and Family Feeling

My daughter has loved swimming with clubs in South Delta for the past 11 years. Right from the beginning, we felt part of a big family – the swim club family. The fitness and healthy lifestyle benefits are wonderful – I know my daughter will swim for the rest of her life. Swimming is an individual sport, but the training aspects fully involve being part of a team. The work ethic that leads to excellent results in swim meets is supported by teammates who share the intense training, the early morning swims before school and the swims outside in the rain and cold in the Ladner outdoor pool. These swimmers are in the peak of health, strength and conditioning – together they learn the importance of exercise, stretching, meditation, diet, and balance in their lives. Our family has been positively influenced in so many ways. Parent participation is key in swim meets – the children compete and the parents learn the ropes of becoming swim officials. The organization is amazing – the thousands of volunteer hours that go into hosting swim meets brings swim parents together on their own “team”. I would highly recommend swim club to any families, as it has been such a positive experience for us.