Summer Swimming

Full ProgramFee
One Swimmer$395
Two Swimmers$740
Three Swimmers$1035
Little Stingrays Program (June-August)Fee
Each Swimmer$260
One night/week$147
Two nights/week$231

Fundraising Deposit

Both the Little Stingrays and the Basic program require a separate fundraising deposit fee by cheque or cash. This fee can be worked off during the season by a variety of fundraisers and sales, including sponsorship at the Super 7 meet, collection of pledges at the Swim-a-thon, participating in the bottle drive,sales of Purdy’s chocolates, etc.

  • $150 for 1 swimmer
  • $250 for 2 or more swimmers

Summer Swimming Payment and Refund Policy

Swimming fees (online payment) and fundraising deposits (by cheque) are payable at the time of online registration. Separate fundraising cheques can be dropped off to our Registrar.

The following refund policy and trial period apply to our summer swimming season ONLY.

Requests to withdraw must be made in writing to registrar@ladnerstingrays.com

Two Week Trial

This two week trial period is available to new registrants so that they can “try out” swimming with minimal financial implications. A new registrant is someone who has not previously swam with the club and must register and pay the full registration fees. If, after the first two weeks of practices, a new registrant decides that thy do not want to continue swimming with the Stingrays, a refund of all fees and deposits less a $75 administration fee will be granted. To withdraw. contact our club registrar no later than May 15th by email to request a refund.

Refund of Fees

Other than the Two-Week Trial, refunds will not be granted unless the reason for discontinuing is the result of an injury or illness and is supported by a written note from a physician. The amount to be refunded will be pro-rated based on when the request is received, in writing and decided by the Club President, Registrar, and Treasurer.

There will be no refund of the BCSSA fee portion of the registration fee.

Pro-rated Club Fee Refunds:

Before May 31 75%
May 31-June 15 50%
June 15-July 15 25%
After July 15 NO REFUNDS

Refund of Fundraising Deposit:

The Fundraising deposit provided after registration will be refunded upon successful completion of fundraising dollar target or hours.

Winter Maintenance

Check back in Fall 2019 for Winter Maintenance Fees

Winter Maintenance Payment & Refund Policy

Swimming fees are payable at the time of online registration. 

The following refund policy applies to our winter maintenance session ONLY.

Requests for withdrawal must be made in writing to registrar@ladnerstingrays.com

When a written request is received by the end of the first two weeks of the winter maintenance session, there will be a full refund of the swimmer’s fees LESS a $50 administration fee. 

No refunds will be provided after the first two weeks of the winter maintenance session, unless there are extenuating circumstances, in which case, refunds will be made on an individual basis.  The amount refunded will be decided by the club President, Registrar or Treasurer.