• $150 for 1 swimmer
  • $250 for 2 or more swimmers

Family Fundraising Fee Information

Both the Little Stingrays and the Basic program require a separate fundraising deposit fee by cheque or cash. This fee can be worked off during the season through a variety of fundraisers and sales. Some of these include sponsorship at the Super 7 meet, collection of pledges at the Swimathon, participation in the bottle drive and sales of Purdy’s chocolates. Other fundraising opportunities will be shared with families as they become available.

Ways to Bring Down Your Fundraising Requirement

Purdy’s ChocolatesCaroline
Super 7 Sponsorship Chris and Roger
Bottle Drive (May 25, 2019)Mike and Julie
SwimathonHeather and Tanya

Plain and simple…’s how we survive

Most people don’t realize it but our registration fees only cover about 50% of our yearly expenses— the major costs our club is faced with are pool rental, coaches salaries and meet fees. With ever increasing costs, a main goal of the executive is to keep our fees affordable for all families. Therefore, we must rely on fundraising and donations for the rest.

Bottle Drive Information

Bottle Drive sign up….COMING SOON!