Ways to Bring Down Your Fundraising Requirement

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Super 7 Sponsorship

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Sponsorship Letter

Bottle Drive May 26, 2018

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 Family Fundraising Fee Information

The family fund-raising fee is returned at the end of the season to those families that participate in our designated major fund-raising activities.

Full/Basic Ladner Stingray Members – $150/child up to $150/family 

Little Stingray only- $100 for one child, $150/family if more than one child

Plain and simple…’s how we survive.
Most people don’t realize it but our registration fees only cover about 50 % of our yearly expenses— the major costs our club is faced with are pool rental, coaches’ salaries and meet fees. With ever increasing costs, a main concern of the executive is to keep our fees affordable for all families. We therefore must rely on fundraising and donations for the rest.

“Qualifying” Activities for return of fundraising fee

Other General  Fundraisers (while these fundraisers are not mandatory and do not offer a fee return, participation is highly encouraged for the benefit of our children and the club)

  • Bottle Drive (FAQ) – May 2017

Route Maps: Routes 1-7, Routes 8-19, Routes 20-24, Routes 25-35.

Bottle Drive SIGN UP   —- Finished for this season

  • Meat Draw, The Landing Pub – May sometime (need someone to take this on)
  • Team # ______ Ladner Stingrays at The Landing Pub to raise money for the club 


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