Super 7 Sign Up Sheets for Club Members Only

There is something for absolutely everyone!

Have your choice of jobs by signing up early. Unlike most other associations, swim club requires a high level of participation especially when running our own meets, so please find a way or two to contribute to this amazing June 23-24 weekend event. Two shifts (equivalent of 3 hrs/day) in any area each day earns you a Super 7 Parent Volunteer T-Shirt.

Set Up and Take Down Sign Up
Good for anyone especially those who can not be at the Super 7. Lots of lifting and moving things plus some techie stuff; transporting supplies, having truck/trailer, ropes, electrical experience, wifi/electronics background helpful.


Home Base Shifts Sign Up

Best for LS, Div. 1 and Div. 2 parents who would prefer to stay close to marshalling and team tent

Marshalling Shifts Sign Up
Best for slightly experienced Div 1+ parents
Deck Food Shifts Sign Up and Food Needs
Good for any Div parents.
Toggle between the 2 sheets via the tabs at the bottom
If you are unable to attend Super 7, please help out by contributing a few items from the Food Needs list. 
Officials Shifts Sign Up

Alumni MAY be taking some lead roles here and shifts have yet to be reserved for when they are available. 

Must have attended a clinic to do this job. Toggle between the 2 sheets via the tabs at the bottom. Once we have each signed up, this document will be sent out to the clubs attending our meet.
Office Shifts Sign Up  (Shadows only needed)
Mostly for experience parents; the runner job is good for new parents.

Super 7 T-Shirts Size Submission Forms

Original Artwork Designed by Jeff McDonald-Bain

Every competitor gets a shirt as well as parent volunteers who sign up for a minimum of 2 shifts per day in areas other than timing.

If you would like to ensure accurate sizes then please fill out the following T-Shirt forms:

2018 T-shirt order form
Only swimmers who compete in the Super 7 meet receive a T-shirt.
Volunteer Parent Shirt Form 

(must work a minimum of 2 shifts per day, other than timing, to receive a shirt)