Sam Cates (Head Coach)

Hi Stingrays!
I am beyond honoured to be your head coach this season! This will be my 11th summer swimming season with the Ladner Stingrays, and my 7th as a coach. It is my first season in this role however, and I could not be more excited for the opportunities that lie ahead of us. I have been looking forward to seeing everyone again at the LOP and meeting new Stingrays since the end of last season! I am currently in my third year as a kinesiology undergraduate at UBC, and am so grateful to get the opportunity to practice what I learn all winter long as a swim coach. Aside from swimming and school, I love listening to music, spending time with family/friends, and eating my favourite food ever…pasta! My favourite races are 50 fly and 200 IM. I hope you’re ready Stingrays! This summer is going to be filled with learning and hard work, but most importantly, making the best memories with the best of friends, and having so much fun! I have a feeling it is going to be the best summer yet!
I cannot wait to see you all on deck:)

Coach Lauryn

Hey there Stingrays crew! I’m Lauryn, and I’m thrilled to be back on deck this year as your Assistant Head Coach!

I practically grew up in these waters, swimming with the Stingrays for a solid 12 years before life took me on a little detour to Winnipeg. But I couldn’t stay away from Ladner for too long—I missed my Stingrays!

When I’m not busy cheering on our awesome swimmers, you’ll find me suited up, fueled by caffeine, and buried in my laptop, as I work to launch a software startup company I kicked off earlier this year – we hope to launch in September!

Aside from swimming, I competed in triathlons for several years and love running. So, if you ever need running tips or a buddy to swap race stories with, I’m your girl!

Let’s make some waves together this season, break some records, and most importantly, have a ton of fun along the way! BCSSA, better be ready to EMBRACE THE STING this year!

Coach Ella

Hey Stingrays!
My name is Coach Ella and this will be my 10th year swimming with the Stingrays and my third year coaching. I am so excited for this summer! If you know me you know that I love spending my summers at the outdoor pool with my Stingray fam! I am very excited for swim meets and all the fun events we have planned for this upcoming season! My favourite part of swim meets is swimming in relays with my friends, especially 200 free relay! When I am not at the pool I love to go for walks, listen to music, and spend time with friends and family. I am super excited for this season to start and I know it will be filled with lots of great memories! Can’t wait to see you all on deck! 

See you all out there! Go Stingrays !!! 

Coach Sara

I’m Coach Sara and I’m very excited to get back in the pool again! This year will be my 12th year of swimming and my third  year of coaching. My favourite race to swim is 100m backstroke and I love to compete with my friends.

If I’m not in the pool (which rarely happens), I’m hanging out with friends and family or watching movies.

I can’t wait to meet everyone new and see everyone returning for another season!!
See you on the pool deck!

Coach Sophie

Hi Stingrays! I’m Coach Sophie and I am so excited for this summer season! This will be my eleventh season swimming with the Stingrays and my third season coaching! Last summer my favourite race to swim was 100 breaststroke and I look forward to competing again this year.  When I’m not around the pool I love going to the beach, going on walks and hanging out with my friends and family. I am so excited for this summer season and I can’t wait to see our retuning Stingrays and meet our new ones! See you on deck:)

Coach Jade

Hi Everyone, My name is Coach Jade and I can’t wait for this swim season to start! This will be my 13th year of swimming with the Ladner Stingrays, and I could not be more excited. One of my absolute favorite events in swimming is the 50m and 100m freestyle! When I’m not in the pool or on the deck, I love to play basketball, soccer, and track. I also enjoy cooking, reading, kayaking, and going for walks and bike rides with my friends. I’m looking forward to meeting all of the new swimmers and welcoming back the returning swimmers this summer!
See you all soon!

See you on the deck!

Coach Isaac

My name is Coach Isaac. This is my second year coaching and I’m so excited for this season to start. I’ve been with Stingrays for over 10 years and my favourite races would have to be 50/100 fly (I’m a flyer) and the coaches race at our Super 7 meet.  I enjoy sports like soccer, lifting, and of course, swimming.  I also like listening to music, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. I’m very excited to see all the swimmers this season showing the Ladner Stingrays team spirit. Let’s make this summer the best one yet. See you on deck!

Coach Michelle

Hey Stingrays!

My name is Coach Michelle, and I am very excited to return to the pool this summer! This will be my tenth year with the Stingrays and my first year as a Little Stingrays coach. 

When I am not having fun at the pool, I am hanging out with friends, skiing in the winter, and spending time with my family (and my dog Casey, of course!). 

I have lots of favourite things to do when I’m with the stingrays, but one of my top favourites is swim meets!! My favourite races to swim are the 100-meter breaststroke and the 50-meter freestyle. Swim meets are great ways to make new friends, spend time with teammates, and have fun swimming!

I can’t wait for another great season and to meet all the new swimmers and see the returning swimmers from last season! 

See you at the pool!

Coach Jordan

Hey y’all! My name is Coach Jordan. This is my first year as a Stingrays coach, and I have always thought of the team as my second family! I have been swimming with the team for 11 years now! I am so excited to meet my Little Stingrays and make fun memories with everyone! My two favourite races to swim are the 50 free and the 50 fly. When I’m away from the pool, I’m still at the pool! I lifeguard with Delta and I enjoy music and playing video games! I can’t wait to see you all on the pool deck!