Volunteer Coaches

Every season any swimmer in division 4 and up has the opportunity to assist our coaches with teaching the younger swimmers in the pool.

To Become a Volunteer Coach

1. In late April or early May, a Volunteer Coaching Clinic will be hosted by one of our region’s clubs. Sign up to attend the clinic.

2. Our Seniors Coach is also our Volunteer Coach Coordinator and he/she will ask you to submit your availability for one month at a time. Submit the information requested in a timely manner to ensure prompt scheduling.

3. Show up to your scheduled volunteer times a few minutes early and be sure to sign in! For every hour you volunteer coach for the Stingrays, you will receive a $5.00 credit to put towards any life guarding and/or coaching courses. Be sure to ask the Volunteer Coach Coordinator to write you a letter detailing the hours you worked and submit that letter along with any life guarding or coaching receipts to our Treasurer as soon as the season comes to an end.

4. Be sure to attend the Season End Awards Picnic as the club likes to thank its volunteers at that time.