Hi Stingrays,

Here is what you need to know for next week!

Super 7 Warm-Up Times

Kylie – Sea Otters:  7:45 – 8:10

Jemma – Sea Turtles:  7:45 – 8:10

Hannah – Seahorses:  7:55 – 8:20

Alexa – Sea Monkeys: 7:55 – 8:20

Lauryn – Seals: 8:05 – 8:30

Brandon – Starfish:  8:05 – 8:30

Holly – Jellyfish: 8:05 – 8:30

Seniors:  8:15 – 8:40

Team Practice Reminder

This is a reminder that tonight is our 2nd team practice of the season! Everyone is encouraged to come out and participate including seniors. We will be reviewing/learning some of our older cheers and having a House Cup cheer off! Team Practice will be starting at 4:00 and will finish up at 5:30pm.

It is also Stingray Pride Day this afternoon so come decked out in all the black and green you can find!

Note: Little Stingrays will be participating in their regularly scheduled practice at 3:15 pm and at 4:00 pm. At 4:00 they will join the rest of the club for cheers until 4:30pm. After cheers are completed the Little Stingrays will be dismissed.

Movie Night

Mark your calendars our annual movie night is back again BUT this year we will be going to the movie theatres! We will be going to see Incredibles 2 as a club on Tuesday, July 17. We will be going to watch the movie in the afternoon before practices and more details will be released closer to the date.

Seniors Grouse Grind

Senior swimmers will be going to do the Grouse Grind on Friday, July 6th! We will be meeting at the base at 11:00 am and we will be sending out another email to arrange carpooling.

July 2nd Practices

In lieu of Canada Day all practices, including Masters, will be cancelled on Monday, July 2nd!


Hi Stingrays,

Here is what you need to know for next week!

Meet Sign Up

The sign up for the NVC Hootenanny on July 7th (we are only swimming one day) will be closing Monday at 9:00pm! You can access the sign up here.

House Cup

After 2 weekends of swim meets and Bingo a leader has emerged out of the pack:

Hufflepuff – 120 points

Slytherin – 115 points,  a very close second!

Ravenclaw – 105 points

Gryffindor – 100 points

Next week is Stingray Pump-Up Week in preparation for our Super-7 swim meet. Swimmers will be given 5 points each day they participate in the activities and these points will go towards the race for House Cup Champion!

Update: The Scavenger Hunt is being moved from Wednesday, June 20th to another evening  that is TBD. As soon as it is scheduled you will be notified!

Stingray Pump-Up Week

Team Practice

Next Friday we will be hosting our 2nd team practice of the season! Everyone is encouraged to come out and participate including seniors. We will be reviewing/learning some of our older cheers and having a House Cup cheer off! Team Practice will be starting at 4:00 and will finish up at 5:30pm.

Note: Little Stingrays will be participating in their regularly scheduled practice at 3:15 pm and at 4:00 pm. At 4:00 they will join the rest of the club for cheers until 4:30pm. After cheers are completed the Little Stingrays will be dismissed.

Volunteer Coaches Clinic

Next Friday from 3:30-4:00 pm Coach Alexa and Coach Holly will be running a short clinic that all volunteers must attend! We will be reviewing some important skills for helping swimmers in water.

T-Shirts and Caps

If you are after a new stingrays t-shirt, good news there are still some left for sale! If you would like one to match your kids or an extra one for your child please contact Kelly White at registrar@ladnerstingrays.com . There are also still some of our NEW caps for sale as well!

Bronze Medallion/Bronze Cross

Attention all Div 3+ swimmers! This year at the Outdoor Pool the Corporation will be hosting some lifesaving courses. You will need to take these courses should you one day want to be a lifeguard or a coach for our club! Delta is hoping to have some Stingrays sign up so they will have full classes with good swimmers, and we are hoping some Stingrays sign up so we can have some trained swimmers!

Bronze Medallion/Bronze Cross Combination Camp: July 16-26, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm; age requirement is 13 (registration barcode 404319)

National Lifeguard: Aug. 14-24, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm; age requirement is 16 (registration barcode 412854)


Hi Stingrays,

Here is what you need to know for the upcoming week!

Meet Sign Ups

There are a few sign ups coming to a close in the next few weeks! The sign up for the WRASA Development Meet will be closing on Wednesday June 13th at 9:00pm. You can access the sign up here.

Our very own Super 7 is fast approaching! Tentative Entries will be  sent out to the club this evening, if you notice anything that needs to be changed please email Coach Alexa with the subjective line Super 7 Entry Changes no later than Tuesday, June 12th at 5:00pm. If you have not yet signed up and would like to partake in the meet please send Coach Alexa an email with the subjective line Super 7 Late Entry no  later than June 12th at 5:00pm. Relays will be released closer to June 23-24!  

Please use the subject line I have outlined above when emailing me! I have to sift through 50+ emails a week to find yours, so it is easier for me if I have one subject line to search for and it ensures I will not miss your email!


Our Annual Bingo Night will be held next Wednesday, June 13! We will be hosting the event in Memorial Park starting at 6:30 pm and finishing up around 8:00 pm. There are some awesome prizes this year including gift cards, chocolate and a portable speaker! Don’t forget this is our first House Cup Challenge and you can earn points for your house through participating. Senior swimmers will be released from practice early to change and head over to the park.

Little Stingray Parents

A reminder that no parents are allowed on deck past the big shed by the entry gate! Parents are not covered by our BCSSA insurance, thus this rule. If your child needs to use the washroom or change into their swim suit prior to practice, please use the washrooms located in the community centre adjacent to the pool!

We will be walking your child to the gate after their practice is over and will wait with them until they are picked up at the gate! If you are unable to pick up your child after practice, please make other arrangements, and inform your child’s coach so they know who to release your child to!


Hi Stingrays,

Here is everything you need to know in the upcoming week!

June Practice Schedule

Just a reminder we are now following our June practice schedules! Please be aware some of the times have shifted from the May schedule. Little Stingrays will have their first practice on Monday June 4th.

Masters this is a reminder that your schedule switches to Mondays and Fridays for this month. There will not be practice tonight, your first Friday practice will be next Friday, June 8th!

Meet Sign Ups

The sign up for our very own meet, the Super 7, closes tonight at 9:00pm! Make sure to sign up to take part in the meet where you are guaranteed to have the most fun this season! You can access the sign up form here.

Note: Many clubs in our region have decided to forego deck entries for the season as we are switching over to a new system.  So to ensure your child has the chance to swim in a meet they are wanting to attend please complete the sign up forms on our website! They can be accessed here

Bingo Night

Our first House Cup challenge of the summer is fast approaching! There are some awesome prizes to be won and a lot of fun to be had. It will be taking place on Wednesday, June 13th at 6:30pm at Memorial Park. There will be more details released in the following week.

Volunteer Coaches

This is a reminder that you are now following the June schedule sent to you by Coach Holly! Make sure to have a look over it as some of your shifts may have changed depending on availability. And a reminder that your July and August availability will be due Thursday June 21st.


This is just a friendly reminder to refrain from talking to your child through the fence while they are in practice. This can be very distracting to the coaches as well as the other swimmers participating in practice! If you would like to speak with your child let their coach know and they will have them hop out of the pool to come speak with you.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the parade this year! We earned THIRD place in the Sports/Dance Category!! We would like to give special thanks to the sponsors that helped make the float possible this year: Westham Island Herb Farm lent us the trailer and hay as well as Dunbar Lumber and Rona who donated all the supplies required to build the LOP on wheels. And thank you to the parent volunteers that worked all week to get the float parade ready!  We are already planning for 2019 … thinking of starting blocks and lane ropes!


Hi Stingrays,

Here is what you need to know for the upcoming week!

Time Trials

A big thank you to all who came out and volunteered and participated in last night’s time trials event! It was a huge success and both kids and parents had a great time.

Meet Sign-Ups

Deadlines are fast approaching for some of your favourite meets! The sign up for B4 closes on Monday at 9:00pm, you can access it here.

SUPER 7 SIGN-UP CLOSES ON FRIDAY, JUNE 1ST! Please be sure to have your entries completed by this date! We are anticipating a lot of people will be signing up for this meet (we’re hoping to break 100 swimmers!), so entries take us a while to get through, hence the super early deadline. We want all of our Stingrays to come out and participate in the meet and show our Stingray Pride! You can access the sign-up sheet here.

WRASA Development Meet UPDATE – the meet is June 27th NOT June 20th as it was previously written on the website!

NOTE: please ignore all emails asking you to sign into your Active portal for the remainder of the season! We will continue with our method of google forms for meet sign ups for the remainder of the season unless I otherwise state in an email.

May Days Parade Info

This Sunday is the May Day’s Parade and there are just a few reminders on when and where to be at drop-off and pick-up! Swimmers should be dropped off between 11:15 and 11:30 am to help with decorating the float. Our float will be located on either Chisholm Street or Georgia Street.  At the end of the parade we will be stopping to let the kids off the float on Garry Street, by the tennis courts around 1:00 pm. Please be sure to pick up your child from this location, or make other arrangements for them to be picked up by someone else! Our coaches will wait with the kids until they are picked up, however we cannot assume responsibility for any who may leave without being picked up by a parent or friend. Here are a few other friendly reminders about the parade to keep in mind:

The marshalling area for Ladner Pioneer May days parade will be closed to all general traffic, including drop offs for parade entrants, at 10 am on Sunday, May 27th.  Please either drop off any participants before 10 am or park and escort them to their float.  

The roads closed at 10am will be: River Road, Georgia Street, Delta Street at Bridge Street, and Elliot Street at Westminster Ave.

Any and all Stingrays are encouraged to participate in decorating and riding the float – the more the merrier!

House Cup

We are officially kicking off our House Cup Competition for the season! The first challenge will be taking place on Wednesday June 13th, with our annual Bingo Night. The Breakdown of how House Cup will run and a list of the Houses is posted at the pool and has been sent out in an email by Coach Alexa!

June Practice Schedule

We will be switching over to our June Practice Schedule next Friday. So have a look to make sure you arrive at the right time for practices as there is some variation from the May schedule!

Lost and Found

Moving forward the club will be donating all items remaining in the lost and found at the end of each month! Please have a look in the bin we have allocated at the pool for any items that might belong to you as it will be emptied next Thursday.



Hi Stingrays,

Here is what you will need to know for next week!

Victoria Day, May 21

There will be NO PRACTICES on Monday, May 21st! This includes both regular program and Masters practices. Enjoy the long weekend!

Time Trials Sign-Up

The sign-up for Time Trials closed the evening of May 15th at 9:30pm. If you have not yet signed up, but would like to, please be sure to email your child’s coach prior to Monday May 21st at 9:30pm.

If you are planning on attending practice on the afternoon of May 24th, you must sign-up for Time Trials, as there are no formal practices scheduled for that afternoon!

Please note, Little Stingrays are not eligible to compete in the Time Trials event, but are welcomed and encouraged to come and watch some of our fellow Stingrays race in our own pool!

Kigoos Meet Sign-Up

The sign-up for the Kigoos meet on June 2-3 closes tonight at 9:30pm! Please be sure to have your entries completed prior to this time– you can access the sign-up here.

May-Days Parade

We are still in need of a sound system for our May Days Float, which is right around the corner! If you have one that you are willing to lend for the afternoon please contact Paula Kolisnek at paulakolisnek@hotmail.com!

Little Stingrays

Practices will begin on Monday, June 4th! We recognize that a 3:15 start time may place some families in a pinch with it being so close to the time school gets out, so there are no worries if your child arrives to practice after the 3:15 start time. The kids will be doing a 15-minute activation and sticker time prior to getting in the water, so as long as you’re able to arrive around 3:30, you’ll be good to go. Unfortunately, we have to make do with the times the Corporation has given us at LOP for this season.

Sometimes if the weather is not the greatest, the kids may get cold in the water relatively quickly. We recommend purchasing a wetsuit for your child if you know they are prone to getting cold quickly! You may be able to find some locally, or you can also find some online here.

Morning Practices

Our morning practices have began! If you are not planning on attending an AM workout, please let your coach know!!

Volunteer Coaches

Please be sure to submit your availability for both May and June by Monday May 21st, at 12:00pm!  If you do not submit your availability, you will not be placed on the schedule!

Saltspring Swim Meet

The club is looking to get a headcount of how many senior swimmers (Div. 4+) will be attending this meet. Please either email Mike at president@ladnerstingrays.com or fill out the meet sign-up here.


Hi Stingrays!

Here is what you need to know for the upcoming weeks for our swim club!


Reminder tonight is our first team practice at Memorial Park. All pool practices are cancelled in lieu of team dryland!


We will be hosting our annual Time Trials event on Thursday, May 24th, from 6:00-8:00pm! Click Here to access the sign-up sheet. The sign up will be closing on Tuesday, May 15th, at 9:30 pm! Please be sure to sign your child up if you plan on attending the event.

We will need parents to come and help us out, so please sign up if you are available – we can’t run the event without you!

There are NO regularly scheduled practices for the afternoon of May 24th, when Time Trials are taking place, so in order to ensure your child is entered into some events for the afternoon, please sign them up.


Are now active and available for you to access! Please note the sign-up deadlines for some of the swim meets, as they are quickly approaching! If you have any questions regarding the sign-up process, please email Coach Alexa at alexa@ladnerstingrays.com. If you have any specific questions pertaining to your child and their ability to compete in a swim meet, please email your child’s coach directly!

Click Here to access our sign-up page!

Sign-up for the Richmond Kigoos Icebreaker will be closing on Friday, May 18th, at 9:00 pm!


We are in need of some equipment for the upcoming May Days parade on May 27th! We are looking for a sound system that someone would be willing to lend for to the float to play music throughout the parade.

If you have a sound system you are able to lend please contact Paula Kolisnek at paulakolisnek@hotmail.com!


June 1-3 is the annual Mel Zajac swim meet and there are sure to be some exciting races! Tickets can be purchased online from their website or at the door.

Coach Brandon is entered in the meet along with Ryan Lochte and Caelab Dressel! Coach Brandon will be at the meet both Friday and Saturday and if you have any questions about the meet please contact him at brandon@ladnerstingrays.com.


If at any point over the course of this season something arises with your child that you feel needs reconciliation or attention, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your child’s coach! It is our job as your coaching staff to ensure a positive and successful summer season in the water for all swimmers, and we can only do so if we are made aware of any issue that may arise.

Please let us know at any point if your child is struggling, or you have any concerns, so that we may address them promptly. We’re not able to fix something if we find out about it at the end of the season, so please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Have a great weekend and we will see you at the pool next week!

Team Dryland!

This Friday, May 11 will be our first team practice of the season! It will be taking place at Memorial Park from 4:00-5:00pm with a potluck to follow. It is going to be one hour of dryland so please ensure your child comes prepared with appropriate footwear and a water bottle.

Little Stingrays are welcome to come out and join in the fun and games! This is a great opportunity for them to meet their peers as well as their coaches for the season. And senior swimmers are expected to be there even though they do not normally have practice on Friday afternoons.

As well please take a moment to sign-up for our potluck in the google form below.


All regular pool practices will be cancelled this Friday in lieu of  team dryland!

Latest Updates

Click here to view the April newsletter. There is lots of important information regarding upcoming important dates, learning and fundraising opportunities, and the upcoming Family Meeting.

There will be a Parent Meeting at Fisherman’s Hall May 3 at 7:30 pm. All parents are encouraged to come out but this meeting is highly recommended for new families.

Online returning swimmer registration is now closed.  If you missed registration, the forms can be found under “Registration” on the web site. Please contact registrar@ladnerstingrays.com if you have questions.

New swimmer registration was held March 3rd from 12:30 to 2:30 in the back lobby at the LLC.



Hope everyone had a great time at Cultus Lake waterslides. Awesome way to wrap up an awesome season!