Registration Forms and Details

Registration 2018 Details

Registration fees

Basic program

1 swimmer 395$

2 swimmers  740$

3 swimmers 935$

Fundraising fee 150$ per family


Little Stingrays Program

1 swimmer 260$

Fundraising fees:

100$ 1st swimmer

50$ 2nd swimmer

(Max 150$ per family)


Masters Program

1 day a week 147$

2 days per week 231$


Pay in full or in installments.


Print the forms below. Complete them and bring them to the appropriate registration session.


Contact the club registrar for further information:
 BCSSA Registration Form 2018
Use the Age Locator  to determine your child’s division. Returning swimmers will already have a BCSSA Number and just need to request it from our Club Registrar

Media Release Waiver (for ALL registrants)

S & O Declaration (for ALL registrants)

Swimmers who have been coached in swimming more than 2 hours per week will need to register as an “O Cat” swimmer.

Family Information (for ALL registrants)

This sheet helps us keep track of our families and the programs they are registered in.

Stingrays Club Membership Includes:

  • highly trained, experienced coaches
  • special team events
  • access to specialized swim equipment
  • ribbons or medals highlighting personal achievements
  • one amazing summer at the outdoor pool with your summer swim family!

Stingrays Full Membership (18 years of age and younger)
Children 7 years and older should have completed Red Cross Swim Kids 3 or “graduated” from Little Stingrays
Children 6 years and younger wishing to register as a full member should have completed Whales and/or be able to swim 15 meters in deep water unassisted.

Fee Scale

  • One swimmer $395
  • Two swimmer  $740
  • Three swimmers  $935

Note: All full memberships include meet fees for all meets

Membership fees can be paid in 3 equal monthly installments- May 1, June 1 and July 1

Little Stingrays Membership (4-6 years of age)
Little Stingrays is intended for kids 4-6 years of age who love the water! They should be able to propel themselves through the water, float and jump in on their own. The program will run June to early-August and the kids will swim 3 times per week with a small group focus to teach the basics of competitive swimming.
Little Stingrays swimmer  $260

Masters Membership (19 and over)

  • Monday & Thursday 8pm-9pm starting May 14th  and running through to mid- August
  • Two days per week  $231
  • One day per week- choose either day each week  $147
  • Fees include BCSSA fee but does not include meet fees
  • To swim in Meets Only, you pay the $35 BCSSA fee plus meet fees

Family Fundraising Fee Required
The family fund-raising fee is returned at the end of the season to those families that participate in our designated major fund-raising activities.

Ladner Stingray Members – $150/child up to $150/family 

Little Stingrays – $100 for one child, $150/family if more than one child

For more information about registering with the Stingrays, email our or

**Fees are subject to change. Fees are non-refundable without a doctor’s note, and there are no refunds for missed practices or meets.**

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