Parent Handbook

The Ladner Stingray Swim Club is a competitive swim club incorporated under the Societies Act of the Province of British Columbia. It is governed by a Constitution and By-Laws. Its main objective is to promote and develop amateur swimming in the Ladner area. To achieve this objective, the club runs a swim program that takes them from development swimmers to competitive swimmers.

The Stingrays are members of the British Columbia Summer Swimming Association (BCSSA). BCSSA, along with its member clubs, is responsible for developing effective coaching of swimmers and the promotion of swimming events. Click here for a link to the BCSSA policies! The Ladner Stingrays are members of the Fraser South region along with eight other clubs – Boundary Bay Bluebacks, Cloverdale Tritons, Crescent Beach Swim Club, Delta Diving Club, North Delta Sunfish, Richmond Kigoos, Surrey Sea Lions, and White Rock Amateur Swim Club. A summer swim club’s season is from May 1 to the middle of August.

The Executive has adopted the following goals for the club.

GOAL#1 To provide a competitive swim program for all members.        

  1. To provide a strong competitive program for interested swimmers.
  2. To provide opportunities for developmental swimmers to improve their   skills and participate in swim meets commensurate with their abilities.
  3. To investigate interest in and opportunities for additional programs within  the club.

GOAL #2 To focus on leadership development. 

  1. To provide leadership opportunities for senior swimmers in the club.   
  2. To provide leadership opportunities for club coaches.
  3. To provide leadership opportunities for parents of club members.

GOAL #3 To enhance and further develop communication and public awareness. 

  1. To establish systems within the club to enhance and improve communication between the Executive, coaches, parents and swimmers.
  2. To enhance public awareness of the Ladner Stingray Swim Club.


Swimmers compete in separate divisions, which are determined by the swimmer’s age on April 30th of the current year.

Legal proof of age (birth certificate, passport or care card) is required for all swimmers not previously registered with BCSSA.

Division 18 and under
Division 29 to 10 1/2
Division 310 1/2 to 12
Division 412 to 13 1/2
Division 513 1/2 to 15
Division 615 and 16
Division 717 to 19
Division 820 and over

The divisions are further divided into two groups: “A” and “B”. These groups are determined by the swimmer’s competitive times achieved at swim meets. At many swim meets “A” swimmers compete against “A” swimmers, and “B” swimmers compete against other “B” swimmers. This allows the swimmers to compete on a level playing field.

The club always promotes good sportsmanship at swim meets and encourages all swimmers to swim their “Personal Best“. Personal Bests (also known as Best Times) and “A” times are recognized after each meet. 


While the main aim of the Club is competitive swimming, the Executive places a great deal of emphasis on  development. The swimmers are instructed in the four basic competitive swimming strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Children are encouraged to develop their skills in a positive environment without the added pressure of weekend competitive swim meets.

It is hoped that all swimmers will progress from the development meets to the weekend competitive meets; this is only done, however, when the swimmer, coach and parent(s) believe the child is ready for competitive swimming.

There are short meets (development meets) on weekday evenings for our up and coming, and younger swimmers, which serve as an excellent introduction to weekend meets. The coach will talk to the parents of a development swimmer when they feel the child is ready to attend swim meets. This is also a good time to review the swim meet section in this handbook.


Little Stingrays is intended for kids 4-6 years of age who love the water! They should be able to propel themselves through the water, float and jump in on their own. The program will run from June to early-August and the kids will swim 3 times per week with a small group focus to teach the basics of competitive swimming.

Young swimmers:  Three important requests from the coaches.
1) Swimmers need to be able to go to the bathroom themselves if the parents are leaving the area.  If your child can’t get their suits off and on themselves, then the coaches will bring your child to the exit, and parents can go to the LCC or Boys and Girls Club for the swimmers to use the bathroom. (Parents aren’t allowed on the deck).

2) It really helps the coaches if the swimmers are able to put their faces in the water.  Little Stingrays start in June, so that gives you the month of May to work on this skill.

3)  Please be on time to pick up your children or arrange for someone to keep your child until you are able to get there. Talk to your children about staying at the gate until they’re picked up. The club is responsible for the children while they’re in the water and during activation, but once the scheduled practice time is over, the coaches often have other groups to coach and cannot be responsible for watching the gate as well.  


The coaches base their assessment of each swimmer’s ability and age to establish practice groups. There is also consideration paid to whether the swimmer is interested in competing or is mainly focused on developing swimming skills. 


Swimmers will enjoy a mix of pool and dryland training throughout May. This allows them to “cross-train” as they work towards improving their conditioning, and helps avoid injury. The dryland practices also give swimmers a chance to socialize while working out.

Pool times vary from May to June to July because we share with other swim clubs and also have to work around Delta Parks and Rec’s public swimming schedule.  Therefore, the schedules will change from month to month.  We will do our best to get the schedules up on the website as soon as possible.  Please see “Practice Schedules” on the website.

All practices are at the Ladner Outdoor Pool and are held rain or shine. Outdoor Pool is getting old and sometimes may experience mechanical problems resulting in canceled or shortened practices. Hopefully this doesn’t happen much, but we will try to notify people through the website and email if we have a cancellation.

The coaching staff is responsible for practice sessions, and will be on deck before the sessions begin. They will ensure safety of the pool and parents should confirm before leaving their swimmer(s) that the practice is going ahead. Coaches will leave only after all swimmers have finished their sessions.  However, coaches often have another group to coach so please be on time or arrange for another parent to keep your child until they can be picked up.

Coaches have the authority to dismiss a swimmer from a practice if, in their opinion, the swimmer is disrupting the practice session or is failing to comply with coaching instructions.


Goggles, towel and bathing suit for every practice – please make sure goggles are properly adjusted. Water bottles are a MUST at every practice.

Swimmers should always bring appropriate clothing and footwear to allow for a dryland/ deck practice if required.

Be on time for practices – coaches will not let you in the water until you have stretched properly.


For insurance reasons, parents are NOT permitted on the pool deck during practice sessions. This is a requirement of the Municipality. 


Communications between all club members needs to be positive, proactive and respectful at all times. This includes casual conversation, whether it be in the team tent or vicinity, or during scheduled meetings. If swimmers and/or parents have a question or concern, their first line of communication should be with the individual who appears most able to deal with their question/concern , usually the coach.  If the problem is not easily resolved or the individual would like some assistance/advice, the next step is to go to the Head Coach and then the Executive. If the problem continues, then a mediator will be brought in.



The website will be updated regularly with important information and news.  Take a look around and bookmark it so you can check it often.


The family mailboxes (file folders in boxes) will be at each of the practices and are used for relaying information and printed handouts. There is a folder for each family and the coaches.

>>>>Please check for “mail” at every practice.<<<< 


In the past we have found that this is one of the most effective ways of communicating with our families.   Notices on special events and practices will be distributed by email as well as posted on our website. Be sure the club has your correct email.


Regular newsletters will be sent out via email and posted on the website.

Bulletin Boards

Swim meet information, along with other “News” will be posted on the bulletin boards around the pool. Please check on them every couple of days as information changes regularly.

Division Parents

The club has volunteer parents who are the “Go To” parents for each division. These roles have been established to assist new families in feeling more comfortable with all the goings-on.  Please find your child’s division parent under Contacts and contact them for all your club operations answers.

Coach/Parent Conferences

Coaches are happy to discuss your child’s progress with you at any time during the season. If you would like a conference, please e-mail the coach and a time will be arranged. Please do not attempt these discussions during practice sessions, as the coaches’ primary responsibility while on deck is the safety of the swimmers in the water.

Communication with Coaches

If you are not able to make it to a meet for warm-ups, please let your child’s coach know prior to the day of the meet.  Make sure your swimmer checks in with their coach as soon as they arrive.  If the coach doesn’t know you are at the meet, the swimmer may be scratched from their events.


Articles highlighting our swimmers’ efforts appear regularly in the South Delta Leader and Delta Optimist. Please see the club’s privacy policy for any information relating to privacy issues.

Club Uniform

The club requires swimmers to wear the official “Stingrays Cap” for swim meets.  Swimmers can wear any suit as long as it complies with BCSSA regulations.