Stingrays Club Awards

Every year the Ladner Stingrays present awards to deserving swimmers at the end of the season banquet. Here is the breakdown of our awards.

Aggregate Awards for each Division

The aggregate award is presented to a swimmer from each division who has amassed the most points. The points are calculated based on the following criteria:

  • Best 5 meets (not including Regionals or Provincials)
  • Best 4 events per meet (eg. top 4 events counted from Super 7)
  • Points are allocated the same regardless of meet, so 9 points for first place, 7 for second, 6 for third, 5 for fourth,  4 for fifth, 3 for sixth, 2 for seventh, 1 for eighth,
  • Only A points are used unless there are no A swimmers in that division and then B points will be used to determine that division’s aggregate and runner up aggregate winners.
  • Minimum of 3 meets attended to qualify for awards

Club Aggregate

This is awarded to the swimmer who has amassed the most points in the club including all divisions, based on the above 9 point system. O-Category swimmers are not eligible for this award. Total points within 5 points at the end of the season is declared a tie and will be presented to both or all swimmers achieving this feat.

Swimmer’s Choice Award

The recipient of this award is chosen from a secret ballot of all swimmers in the club. The coaches canvas the swimmers to get their vote on their choice of the swimmer who shows all of the best characteristics of a good Stingray.

Spirit Award

The recipient of this award is chosen by the coaches and is awarded to a swimmer who they feel adds spirit and sportsmanship to the Club and represents a good Stingray throughout the season.

Most Improved Swimmer

Awarded to the swimmer with the biggest drop in race times over the course of the season.