Summer Swimming

Our summer season is almost here.  Registration is now open. 

Please read the following information to learn about our registration process.

Please make note of the following prices because you will be asked what you owe at the end of the registration.

Here are the club fees for this season:

1 swimmer – $425

2 swimmers – $750

3 swimmers – $1050

Little Stingrays:

$260 (one child)

$500 (two children)


1 day – $175 

2 days – $275

Fundraising fee:

$200 – 1 swimmer

$350 – 2 swimmers

$400 – 3 or more swimmers

You will have the option of paying your fees in three equal installments on April 30, June1, and July 1.

When you register in Active, you will be charged and asked to pay $41.06 for the insurance that all of our swimmers must have.  The rest of your payment can be made to the club treasurer by e-transfer, or cheque.

E-transfers can be sent to 

Password “stingray”

You will also need to provide a cheque or e-transfer for your fundraising requirement before April 30th.

Cheques can be dropped off at our treasurer’s home at 5137 Whitworth Crescent N

Please note that your swimmer(s) will not be permitted to enter the pool when the season opens if we have not received registration and fundraising fees.  Please remember when you are registering that unless your child competes during the winter, they are an “S” and “SS” swimmer.  

You will need to provide proof of your child’s age (which can be done at the pool).  This is a requirement for swim meets.  This is only necessary if your child would like to swim in meets.  You are welcome to join the club and not attend meets (but they are so much fun!).

Registration Link

If you receive a message that the group you are registering your child for is full, please put them on the waitlist.  We are often able to accomodate everyone.  You will not be charged until your child is moved into the appropriate group.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

We look forward to seeing you at the pool!