Swimathon information

Swimathon is a team building activity in which all swim groups try to swim one mile (32 laps) in one hour or less.  New swimmers and Little Stingrays will swim a modified amount.  We want everyone to be successful and to have a positive swimathon experience.  The coaches will help to determine the correct amount for them to swim.
Swimmers who complete the swim in 45 minutes or less will qualify for either a bronze, silver or gold badge depending on their time.  All swimmers will receive a participation badge, goody bag and a certificate documenting their time.  In addition to being a super fun team building event and hanging out with your Stingray family, it is also another excellent fundraising opportunity going straight towards your fundraising commitment.   We need to know how many swimmers we will have to make sure we have enough goody bags, pizza and badges.
We have incremental prize draws at each $25 increment up to $175.  For example, if your swimmer raises $135, they will be entered into the $25, $50, $75, $100, $125  increment draws therefore having multiple chances at winning prizes.  The more you raise, the better your chances of winning.  We will also have a prize for our top pledge collector.
Please write one cheque payable to Ladner Stingrays for the total amount of the pledges that you collect.  You can bring the cheque in on swimathon day and give it to us at the registration table or you can leave it for Julie in the “Bouchey” mail folder at the pool by required due date (usually 2 days post swimathon), so that we are able to tally the totals and distribute our prizes.  Be sure to have your swimmers name on the pledge sheet or envelope so their names are entered into the draws.
Draws will be made the day after all the pledge due date and we will send an email announcing our lucky winners.  The winner for top pledge collector will be announced at our season wrap-up BBQ in August.
Pledge sheets are placed in your personal mail folders at the pool a couple weeks prior to the event. If you require more, you can find extra copies in our swimathon folder in the pool mail folders.
On the Day
On Swimathon Day, the kids show up ready to swim and parents ready to track laps and cheer on the swimmers.  Chairs are set up at the end of the lanes so that parents or senior swimmers can sit and keep track of their swimmer’s laps.  Our coaches will also keep track of individual swim times.
Once your swimmer has finished their swim, be sure to drop the tracking sheet at the completion table and collect your goody bag, badge and certificate.  Pizza and juice will be waiting for all swimmers under the big tree once their swims are completed.  We will need some parents to help monitor the pizza and juice and a couple of parents to pick up the pizzas at various times throughout the swimathon.   A volunteer sign-up sheet comes out closer to the date.
If you are not able to make it on the day, that is no problem.  Collect pledges as you normally would and arrange with your coach to swim the mile on an alternate date.  Be sure to bring someone to count your laps.  Be sure to have your swimathon cheques by the due date in order to be entered into the prize draws.
A Swim Schedule comes out that tells you when your child’s group swims.
Badge Qualifying Times
Gold- 25 minutes or less
Silver- 25:01-35:00 minutes
Bronze 35:01-45:00 minutes

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